Who is Intousia?

»Intousia« is me, Stefanie, and a network of creative and empathetic minds who create unique spaces and combine art with bodywork. The base of »Intousia« is an attitude of sharing and caring with and for each other. With »Intousia« I want to give impulses and support to create the spaces in and around us in which we can heal, nourish ourselves and feel safe.

Whether it’s a physical space that I create with your wishes in mind or opening and holding a space for impulses in individual or group sessions.

With offerings that combine my artistic roots with bodywork and a wide range of communication skills, »Intousia« is all about one thing: supporting you to unfold your full creative power and create the life you want. With empathy and compassion, at your pace and respecting your boundaries.

The creative adult is the child who survived.

– Ursula Le Guin



What I am offering

Meet Your Temple Ritual for Women

Sensual Drawing

Yoni-Drawing Circle

Meet Your Temple Ritual for Women

Sensual Drawing

Yoni-Portrait / One to One-Ritual

Temple Co Creation

Sensual Painting

Sensual Body Painting-Ritual

Massage Assistentin

Selflove Sessions

Unleash Your Power of Creation

Meet Your Temple Ritual for Women

Sacred Space Creation

Your Individual Space Design

Supported Massage

Sacred Space Creation

Supported Tantric Ritual for Women

Playful Printing for Couples

Sensual Creating

Playful Printing for Couples

Tantric Massage

Relational Design

Individual Tantric Ritual

Meet Your Temple Ritual for Women

Relational Design

Cuddling as Art

»We went through a whole range of emotions which ended wonderfully well. Beautiful encounters, beautiful images, wonderful sensations. All our senses were solicited. And what a joy to be able to prolong these sensations in our daily life and to go home with this beautiful energy. Thank you. You can imagine: we want more.«


What is Intousia?

»Intousia« creates individual spaces where you can discover your desires and needs in an artistic, nourishing, unjudged, safe and playful atmosphere. Where you can fully feel seen and supported, develop your creative power and take the step into actively creating the daily life you want to live. »Intousia« offers different formats like group-settings, single sessions or even taking creating your individual refuge at home. In order that your body and soul can feel safe and free to cultivate the (re-)connection from the heart to yourself or others.

Playful Printing for Couples

»My experience was a very gentle and emotional experience. Stefanie shows exceptional gentleness and empathy. Immediately I felt very comfortable and taken in hand by someone who pays attention to my holistic being. I came out of this experience full of serenity and the effect still lasts. Thank you Stefanie for your listening and sensitivity.«


About Me

Besides my passion as a graphic designer, I was always interested in spirituality and self-evolvement as, in 2019 tantra crossed my path. Although (or because) the first experience came to me only months before the pandemic started, I had the chance to dive deeply into the field of self-empowerment through bodywork, the tantric mindset and touch as well as shamanic workshops. Practicing yoga and meditation for several years, the tantric approach completed my way to express myself, to feel good and confident in and with my bodyand to reconnect with my creative playfulness! Today, I am happy that I can combine these two fields and built a framework for others and myself to explore the deeply nourishing field of creation.

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