Yoni-Drawing Circle

Like in the One-to-One-Session »Meet Your Temple«, I invite you to cherish your relation to your yoni—in a circle of sisters. Through reflecting your current relationship to your yoni, setting an empowering intention, manifesting it through bodywork as well as sharing and witnessing this experience in a circle of like-minded sister. To see and being seen during this process can be a very healing and connecting process. Together we will meditate, dance and express ourselves in an artistic way, without any pressure of being realistic, without any judgement, in a confidential and respectful space.

This proposition is for all human beings with a yoni. If by birth or not.

Why this proposition?

The female anatomy doesn’t make it easy to visually see our most powerful and sacred organ in all her beauty with our own eyes. The maximum we can see without tools is the mons veneris and maybe the inner or outer lips—depending on their shape and size. So, we experience our yonis through feelings and less the visual attraction they can give us.

In addition to that, our society teaches us to hide the intime parts of our bodies. We were told it is indecent to be naked and show ourselves as we are, so therefore we never see all the different shapes and forms a yoni can have; we have never been taught to be proud and confident in our globality. On the other hand all media channels are showing us how an »ideal« yoni (bodies in general) has to look like. How she has to smell, to feel and to perform. As a result of this we compare ourselves to this ideal, feel »wrong« and ashamed if we are different—and continue hiding, limiting ourselves in our freedom to feel right exactly the way how we are.

If our Yoni is healthy, the main focus is very often, that she is »functional«: That she is accessible, getting quickly wet when we need it, that she gives us orgasms when we or others want them. That is already a lot of pressure, as it is a very vulnerable organ that needs first a lot of safety to even open up to an intimate encounter. If she is at one point not functioning anymore like we are used to, it can create a big stress that is making the actual condition even worse. 

A big package to carry! For this I invite you to draw the attention to this long hidden and neglected part of our bodies. To regain your power, your connection to it and stepping into our globality as a human being. This can be an emotional, very vulnerable as well as very powerful and beautiful step in your personal evolution. It means to be proud and feel confident of what we are and how we look like. It means to step into your self-love—in being witnessed and witnessing others in this, we create an understanding for each other, a sisterhood where we can share and feel seen with everything that is alive in us.

See you for the next circle!


Between 30 to 70 €. You choose what suits you best. But: Money is no obstacle—if you would like to join, but you don´t have the money, let me know.

Upcoming Dates

7. March 2024 in Liège, Belgium

…with each part of our bodies we can be in communication, in separation or in war. If some women are at war for different reason with their yonis, I hope that they find their alignment, their power again in this circle. So the reconnection and communication is a nice goal to have, a nice task to work on… Thank you for this experience.

A Sister


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