The Art of Cuddling

We all need touch. Maybe it needed a worldwide pandemic to bring again awareness to how much we really need to be in physical contact with others! It is necessary for our mental as well as for our physical health to touch and be touched–in a way that feels good for us and how we would like to give a touch. If we can cradle our entire system in a sense of security through contact with others, this releases unimagined creative forces, because we become more balanced and come to trust others and ourselves more. We are social beings: Only when we are no longer preoccupied with »survival«, creativity can flow freely within us.

For this reason, I open up spaces where we can meet, learn the art of communication and touch to nurture ourselves and each other. It is a space where you can create your own cuddling community, with like-minded and open-hearted people.

All sessions take place dressed and without any sexual intension!


Frequent Cuddle Events


In order to integrate touch into our daily lives, I initiate regular cuddle meetings. The next meeting will take place on 16.1.2024.

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One-to-One Cuddling

Individual Session

As everyone has very individual needs to feel comforted and held by another person, I offer one-to-one cuddle sessions as well.

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What I am offering

Meet Your Temple Ritual for Women

Sensual Drawing

Yoni-Drawing Circle

Meet Your Temple Ritual for Women

Sensual Drawing

Yoni-Portrait / One to One-Ritual

Temple Co Creation

Sensual Painting

Sensual Body Painting-Ritual

Massage Assistentin

Selflove Sessions

Unleash Your Power of Creation

Meet Your Temple Ritual for Women

Sacred Space Creation

Your Individual Space Design

Supported Massage

Sacred Space Creation

Supported Tantric Ritual for Women

Playful Printing for Couples

Sensual Creating

Playful Printing for Couples

Tantric Massage

Relational Design

Individual Tantric Ritual

Meet Your Temple Ritual for Women

Relational Design

Cuddling as Art

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