What would be, if you would be the love of your life?

Stepping into my own self love, gave me an access again to my power of creation. If it is in my professional or private life. In this process I had to faced several patterns and emotions I had the chance to work on the past years. So, if you catch yourself silently nodding to the following questions–welcome to the club of self-love-learners. 😉   

You feel disconnected from yourself? Stressed, too much, not enough? You have the feeling you are running all the day to fulfill everybody else’s needs–but for your own is just not enough time and space. Are you quickly triggered by others? Feeling angry, sad or insecure because, others are saying or doing things that hurt or annoy you? Can you embrace all your facets, shadows as well light parts, emotions as well as limitations? Or do you sometimes catch yourself in judging your actions, feelings, patterns, beliefs… and in this: feeling even worse? 

I guess to have the full picture what self love really means is the job of a lifetime. But to slowly grow into to the love-relation of my life (with myself) can be an exciting and astonishing path. Sometimes I am surprised what is blossoming or reveals in this process. And often I realize: It was already there, for a long time, right in front of my eyes. I just needed to be ready for it. And to have the trust–in me as well that life leads me where I supposed to be. This can comes with a big reward: The feeling of being more balanced, in acceptance, connected, in peace with my body, mind and stepping into actively creating what I want to life or express.

I would be happy to accompany you on your own beautiful discovery:

One-to-One Talk

Individual Single Session

Together we will talk about your status quo, what is blocking you, what you want to let go of, what you want to invite, which methods can help you to (re)enter into your creative power out of just reacting into creating.

The talk is possible via Videoconference or in presence.

60 min/80 €

Talk & Impuls-Session

Individual Single Session

After an impulse conversation, I will make you a creative proposal tailored to your needs on how you can go into action and integrate what you want to live on a physical level. In order to support you going into the flow and with this into your creativity.

In presence.

150–180 min/280 €

Selflove Seminar

Group Session

Look forward to a safe space among like-minded people! For three days we will reflect, let go, invite and dance with the things that are present, that want to go or to come.

15.–17. November 2024. In presence in Liége, Belgium.

Early bird until 1. July 2024:
350 €


What I am offering

Meet Your Temple Ritual for Women

Sensual Drawing

Yoni-Drawing Circle

Meet Your Temple Ritual for Women

Sensual Drawing

Yoni-Portrait / One to One-Ritual

Temple Co Creation

Sensual Painting

Sensual Body Painting-Ritual

Massage Assistentin

Selflove Sessions

Unleash Your Power of Creation

Meet Your Temple Ritual for Women

Sacred Space Creation

Your Individual Space Design

Supported Massage

Sacred Space Creation

Supported Tantric Ritual for Women

Playful Printing for Couples

Sensual Creating

Playful Printing for Couples

Tantric Massage

Relational Design

Individual Tantric Ritual

Meet Your Temple Ritual for Women

Relational Design

Cuddling as Art

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