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I invite you to cherish your relation to your yoni—to worship her. Through reflecting your current relationship to her, setting an empowering intention, manifesting it through bodywork and—as a reminder of this beautiful step you were courageous enough to take—receive a drawing of your yoni.

Before this session we will have a reflection what is your relation to your yoni, what kind of attention is needed. After this I will create an individual ritual space especially for this need. During the session we will also capture your yoni in some small sketches and after the session you will receive a painting of your yoni. With this pre- and aftercare of the ritual you have the chance to implement and integrate this beautiful time of (re-)connection in your daily life.

Why this proposition?

The female anatomy doesn’t make it easy to visually see our most powerful and sacred organ in all her beauty with our own eyes. The maximum we can see without tools is the mons veneris and maybe the inner or outer lips—depending on their shape and size. So, we experience our yonis through feelings and less the visual attraction they can give us.

In addition to that, our society teaches us to hide the intime parts of our bodies. We were told it is indecent to be naked and show ourselves as we are, so therefore we never see all the different shapes and forms a yoni can have; we have never been taught to be proud and confident in our globality. On the other hand all media channels are showing us how an »ideal« yoni (bodies in general) has to look like. How she has to smell, to feel and to perform. As a result of this we compare ourselves to this ideal, feel »wrong« and ashamed if we are different—and continue hiding, limiting ourselves in our freedom to feel right exactly the way how we are.

To draw the attention to this long hidden and neglected part of our bodies, can be an emotional, very vulnerable as well as very powerful and beautiful step in your personal evolution. It means to take the power back and stepping into our globality as a human being. Being proud and feel confident of what we are and how we look like. I would be happy to support you on your path.

…with each part of our bodies we can be in communication, in separation or in war. If some women are at war for different reason with their yonis, I hope that they find their alignment, their power again. So the reconnection and communication is a nice goal to have, a nice task to work on…

A Sister

You want to take this step?

Then please fill this questionnarie so that I can have a picture of where I can meet you. It will be the base of an individual session I would propose for just you and your needs, exactly for the energy you bring into this. Your answers will be treated highly confidential. If you feel more secure, you can answer these questions differently with a personal call or meeting, etc.

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Meet Your Temple Ritual for Women

Sensual Drawing

Yoni-Drawing Circle

Meet Your Temple Ritual for Women

Sensual Drawing

Yoni-Portrait / One to One-Ritual

Temple Co Creation

Sensual Painting

Sensual Body Painting-Ritual

Massage Assistentin

Selflove Sessions

Unleash Your Power of Creation

Meet Your Temple Ritual for Women

Sacred Space Creation

Your Individual Space Design

Supported Massage

Sacred Space Creation

Supported Tantric Ritual for Women

Playful Printing for Couples

Sensual Creating

Playful Printing for Couples

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Meet Your Temple Ritual for Women

Relational Design

Cuddling as Art

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