A yoni portrait on the kitchen table?


Why not actually?

Who needs something like that, you might ask? A picture of your own yoni in the kitchen, the living room, or maybe better in the guest bathroom … Or where should you hang it up? Maybe in the bedroom at most, if at all… Yes, in not a lot of living rooms you will find the motif of your hosts yoni on the wall. So why do I offer to make portraits of people’s yonis? 

Because I see every day how many people with yoni still struggle with shame and pain when it comes to this part of their body. Shame because maybe it doesn’t look the way it’s supposed to look like, because it bleeds or other fluids come out that “bother” them, because it can itch or burn, because it gives us monthly emotional lows and/or physical pain, it sometimes smells or it doesn’t work the way a woman or man would like it to – because many women can’t touch or even look at it, some even have parts of it cut off to conform to an ideal of beauty. How can you NOT want to bring the beauty of every single yoni to light when you become aware of all this? 

The dramas and traumas associated with this part of the body are enormous–and cross-generational!

The dramas and traumas surrounding this part of the body are huge – and transgenerational! Everyone of us has countless female ancestors in their lineage who have experienced assault. And this becomes ingrained in the cells – or if you don’t want to believe that on the body-level – definitely in the behavior of our female read family members. And surprise: this is passed on to us. The protective barriers go up, avoidance, cramping, closure takes place, cutting us off from our primal power of being a woman. From our own power, our sense of well-being and our wholeness. Into isolation, into the insecurity of “somehow being wrong” and: into competitive and comparative thinking with other women. This baton is already being passed on from generation to generation. Our yonis are either sexualized or hidden. Whether physically or in our communication, so that often neither women nor men know or can talk about what it needs to feel safe or comfortable. So that she can open up and everyone involved can enjoy and trust the flow of intimacy.

I’m not going to open the patriarchy box, because otherwise the article will turn into a book. But the tone of our society resonates with the consensus that it would be indecent and dangerous to be too open with our yonis. To show it, to let too many people play with it and to explore it ourselves. If we open up to no one, we are frigid; if we open up to too many, we are sluts. We are still operating in this field of tension. 2024. All these things are stuck in us, are our reality and everyday life as humans with yoni. We carry these stories and beliefs around with us as a given – sometimes without realizing it, without questioning ourselves.


In the end, we wonder why our sex life doesn’t “work” the way we want it to, why we feel unsatisfied in the truest sense of the word, in our hearts as well as our bodies. And because of this we go into avoidance, become frustrated, ill, overwhelmed with our own discomfort and inability to express what touch we actually really need. Let alone being able to authorize ourselves to enjoy well-being and be proud of it. This not only affects us, but also our partners. So everyone suffers directly or indirectly from this crazy idea that we should be ashamed of our sexual characteristics. And this is not my interpretation, but can even be looked up in the some dictionaries: In German the word „pubic“ is translated with „Scham“ what is a synonym of „shame“. Pubic mound is called „Schamhügel“, pubic hair „Schamhaare“, the labia are called „Schamlippen“… I mean seriously?! In fact, this concept is so well established that it has been used in the German language for many years without being questioned. 

I therefore believe that this part of our body deserves special attention. To take back everything that has been taken away from us through violence or limitation. To actively create our reality ourselves – exactly how we want it, with self-confidence, love and compassion for ourselves. And last but not least, recognition of what each and every one of us has lived through and what our ancestors have shaped. In my opinion, we are in an incredibly luxurious position: nowadays we can afford to integrate or even heal generational wounds. We have food on the table and don’t have to run away from various sabre-toothed tigers. In our society most of us are not occupied 24/7 a day with survival. For that we have the great opportunity to work on these wounds of our own life-story or the ones from our ancestors before.

The yoni portraits I offer are more than just a poetic interpretation of an organ hanging as decoration in the bedroom. A yoni is not a decoration, and neither are my yoni portraits. They are the manifestation of a bold step by a woman who dares to step out of the ubiquitous isolation of the social role we are born into – into sisterhood, into connection, reclaiming her power to control what has always been hers alone.

My yoni portrait is hanging in my living room. As a little reminder that only I can decide about my life, my love and my body. I’m just waiting for our guests to talk to me about it. For my part, I love the dialog that can arise from it, the attention I can draw to the topic. And it’s also incredibly aesthetic… a win-win situation. 😉

Would you like to take this step?

Then I will open and hold an individual space just for you! I will listen to what is alive for you, if and what you would like to improve or establish in your life. In this, I will create a ritual and space so that you and your body can feel honored, safe in opening yourself up to this very strong and beautiful experience into your holistic power of being a human being with yoni. For more info klick the button below or write directly at: hello@intousia.com

»A moment of sisterhood, a meeting with a part of me from another angle, a new perspective, a learning how to honour and connect with my sacred temple. Steffi provided a warm and caring environment, and her attentiveness and presence made me feel like I was in a real cocoon. She accompanied me, accepted me fully, I felt at ease offering her my trust. I was able to watch this angelic woman drawing my yoni and realized that this is me taking one step more towards my self love.

Thank you Steffi for offering this experience, I thank me for daring to come and thank you to all the women who will give themselves this wonderful gift.«



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